What to do in case of…

Are you or anybody else Injured?
  • If Yes – Call or have someone call 911 or a Doctor for Emergency Attention.
  • Once you or other injured persons are safe, please call our 24/7 phone number 829-470.7491
  • If No – Dial your insurance company’s assistance number for Emergency Vehicle Pick Up (it is located in the back of your insurance card) or Call us at 829-470-7491.
Whenever possible, take pictures or write down the following information:
  1. License plates of all cars involved
  2. Insurance Id Cards
  3. Vehicle Registration
  4. Drivers Licenses and Phone Numbers
To start the process of the claim:
  • If the accident took place in Santo Domingo or Santiago:
    Go with all the parties involved to declare the accident to the Casa del Automovilista or Casa del Conductor. Everything needed to start de reclamation will be done at these locations
  • If you are not in Santo Domingo or Santiago:
    1. Police Report – Should go with all the parties involved to the nearest AMET division
    2. Describe the facts of the accident as they occurred, without accepting blame or responsibility for the event.
    3. In the statement, you should try to specify all damages sustained by your vehicle.
    4. Required documents: Insurance Card, Vehicle Registration, Driver’s License and ID Card or Passport if you are a foreign national.
    5. Aftewards, please provide us with the original police report and copies of the required documents to our offices at Roberto Pastoriza #552 or by any means of remote communication such as whatsapp, mail, etc.
  • For damage to third parties: Please refer them to us for orientation.

To start the claim process it is required to bring to Quantum:

  • Picture of the damages or signs of forced entry to your property.
  • Letter to the Insurance Company describing the event and the date of occurrence.
  • Detailed list of the stolen properties with the values or cost of each item.
  • Certified Copy of the Formal Complaint at the Police.
  • If available, purchase receipts and/or invoices of the claimed items or quotations in case the first is not available.